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About us

Providing a simple and stripped-back approach to training, based on the traditional form of Classical Pilates with a fresh and modern feel, Raw Pilates offers a fully integrated and holistic alternative to fitness and wellbeing tailored to your individual needs. With small group classes and intimate private sessions, led by highly passionate and experienced instructors, Raw Pilates clients are given dedicated time and attention to help them along their health and fitness journey, whatever their goals or ability.  

Classical Pilates aims to strengthen the body with a particular emphasis on core strength and has been designed to improve balance and coordination, by teaching a greater connection between the mind and body.

Our team of experienced trainers and experts are dedicated to helping you get a better understanding of your body to achieve optimum results.


Meet The Team

At Raw Pilates, we have gone to great lengths to ensure we have created a team of the most passionate, experienced and friendly teachers possible. All our instructors are classically taught, which means they have all completed extensive and rigorous training in the original Pilates method to ensure they are teaching to the highest standard possible. We believe that learning never stops, so as a Raw Pilates Teacher, we ensure our Team is supported in their continual learning and education in order to offer our clients the best service possible.

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I have a very positive and energetic style which ensures my classes are always hard work, whilst still being fun. I am deeply passionate about helping my clients establish their mind-body connection, which in turn ensures they are mentally and physically at one with their breath, body and movement. Through teaching Classical Pilates, I have helped many clients with neck, shoulder, knee and hip issues and I have enabled them to get stronger, realign and repair their bodies, so that they can lead healthy and happy lives again.



I fell in love with Pilates over 20 years ago and started teaching shortly after during my time in New York. It would not be an overstatement to say that during the years Pilates has changed my life and given me the confidence to do things I never thought possible with my body. My passion is to help my clients improve their posture, achieve pain-free movement and an overall sense of enhanced well-being.



As a busy working mum, I am painfully aware how hard it is, not only to get some quality ‘YOU’ time, but to also to claim your body back following the rigours of childbirth. After my last child, I made regaining my confidence and strengthening my body a priority. I am a Pre and Post Natal specialist, but also have a strong understanding of muscular skeletal issues, correcting posture and muscular imbalance to aid in pain free movement



Pilates literally gave me my life back! After suffering from degenerative disc problems, resulting in years of lower back pain, Classical Pilates was the only solution that gave me any form of enduring relief. I strongly believe that in most cases, back pain can be significantly eased by strengthening the body and increasing the movement of the spine via the Classical Method. Classical Pilates transformed my life so much that I subsequently became a teacher to help my clients reclaim their lives back also.



To put it simply, I just love to teach! My passion is instilling confidence in my clients as they grow in strength, develop new physical skills and start to love their bodies again. By immersing myself in the method, I share the journey with my client, working through issues as they arise and celebrating wins together. No client is ever the same, but by drawing on my experience and knowledge of Pilates, I can help resolve their mobility and strength issues, which they may have previously thought to be insurmountable.